August 16, 2016

Are you a seasoned vaper looking for a quality new vaping kit. You've grown tired and dissatisfied with your current one, but unsure on a new kit to invest in? You've clicked through countless internet blogs and forums and just can't find the vaping kit for you. The good ones seem to be too expensive, and the less expensive ones don't seem to be good. Leaving you stuck in the middle looking for a reasonable compromise. Luckily, I know just the right kit to meet such a compromise.

The Wismec Vicino + 120ml E-Juice is a great vaping kit to invest in. At only $36.99, the Wismec Vicino is a very affordable, yet high quality kit. There are few kits that offer such a great vaping experience at such a low price. Its classic color and 22mm in diameter size make it both stylish and convenient. The top filling method and bottom air flow control make it a simple and efficient vapor. Though smaller and uniquely more compact than a lot of other vaping kits, the Wismec Vicino easily holds its own against larger kits, and even its Wismec Vicino D30 counterpart. Its 3.5ml ejucie capacity is more than enough to keep you happily vaping for a long time before needing to refill.

What about the flavors? I know a lot of vapers are more concerned about the flavors their vaping kit offers, more so than more technical aspects like features and design. Don't worry. The Wismec Vicino offers a diverse variety of flavors for purchase. I know many vaping kits make this claim, only for you to find out later that each flavor tastes like the last. The Wismec Vicino is definitely an exception to the rule when it comes to this. Each flavor has a distinct flavor that is easy to recognize from the others.

I know by now, you might be thinking of purchasing this product and is anxious to find out what purchase of the kit includes. Purchase of the Wismec Vicino Kit + 120ml e-juice (from fugginvapor.com)includes: 1 Vicino atomizer, 1 Vicino battery, (without 18650 cell) 2 atomizer heads, 1 USB cable, 1 user manual, and warning card. All for the affordable price of $36.99. What a great deal.

You truly get what you pay for. And there are few, if any, vaping kits better at making the compromise between quality and cost than the Wismec Vicino.