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A Fuggin E-Liquid Brand Focus: BROKEN BOTTLE

Posted by David Nadel on

It is summertime, and a lot of people are enjoying vaping outside. The sweet tastes of fruit and candy represent some of the most popular vaping liquids this season. Broken Bottle offers a nostalgic appeal to their line of candy flavors. They can be enjoyed during a family get-together or on the front porch swing. Even those who are not vaping will enjoy the tantalizing scents around you. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran vapor, you will enjoy the smooth flavors of these e-liquids from Broken Bottle:

Dirty Strawberry
There is nothing dirty about this classic Peanut Butter & Jelly combination! Dirty Strawberry is about a 70/30 blend of creamy peanut butter taste with a bright touch of homemade strawberry preserves. Remember when you were a kid and made those delicious PB&J sandwiches? You can relish the past with your first hit of Dirty Strawberry. It will bring back memories of all the wonderful sandwiches you packed for school lunches. You will enjoy mellow hints of vanilla in the incredible vapors. It makes the perfect after-dinner vape.

Are you in the mood for some vintage candy? Dummies taste just like SweetTarts. They are the little tablet-shaped candies that helped make sweet and sour confections so popular. When you vape Dummies, you get that tangy fruit zip with a touch of sweetness in the back of your throat. There are hints of cherry, orange, lemon, and lime in the tempting vapors. It takes you back to when you were a kid in the penny candy store. The sweet and sour bliss of Dummies makes it a vaping juice that you will want to keep on hand anytime your sweet tooth kicks into action.

Rotten Rope
If you enjoy the sweet kick of red Twizzler rope candy, then you will love Rotten Rope. From the first puff, you get that luscious cherry goodness in your mouth. It has a subtle sweetness just like the candy. Like the other E-liquids from Broken Bottle, Rotten Rope offers terrific throat hits. Vaping Rotten Rope just makes you want to smile.

These childhood icons will soon be some of your favorite vaping juices. When you close your eyes and inhale the sugary goodness, you will almost swear that you are eating candy. Another good thing about these juices is that they have no sugar or calories. With Broken Bottle, you can have your candy and eat it too! This trio of sweetness would also make a perfect gift for the vaping aficionado in your life.

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