A Beast of a Tank: TFV8 Cloud Beast SUB-OHM TANK

A Beast of a Tank: TFV8 Cloud Beast SUB-OHM TANK

July 27, 2016

Vaping has become a revolutionary alternative and the TFV8 Cloud Beast SUB-OHM TANK sets the standard.

The Beast is a vaping powerhouse that produces thick clouds of flavored vapor thanks to it's upgraded tank build. The sub ohm top level atomizer can hold up to 6ml of e-liquid and the patented turbo engine coils fire at an impressive 260W. The tank is designed very creatively which helps make it more productive than others. With an adjustable air flow system, the beast is more efficient and provides you with precision during every use. Check out some of the beast's features:

  • Made From Superior Stainless Steel
  • Extra Wide Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection
  • 50mm Height
  • High-Grade Glass with a 25mm Diameter
  • Dual Terminal Deck
  • (Hinged Lock) Top Fill Design

The beauty of sub-ohm is that it mimics tobacco smoke by producing thick vapor plumes minus the dangerous carcinogens. A more tasty and enjoyable experience is achieved due to the coil system. Heating bigger or more coils will definitely give you room filling vapor.

When compared to similar units such as the TFV4, the beast's TFV8 model is more advanced which allows heat spoofing and cooling during high watt usage.

Though there are rebuildable kits out there that will perplex you; the TFV8 Cloud Beast has everything you'll need to start vaping.