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Try to Avoid Being a Pocket Storing Vaper

Posted by David Nadel on

Even if you're a frequent vaper, it should not mean that you can't vape when you want. Besides, most vaping devices are portable and so are their accessories. All you need to have is good storage to carry your vaping supplies and vape wherever and whenever.

When you mention travel storage for vape supplies, the first idea that comes to mind is the pocket. Pockets are convenient but are not the ideal place and sometimes can be the not-so-safe place for storage. For instance, place an e-liquid bottle in your pocket and when you bend over, everything spills. If not that, you will at some point forget that you have the vape supplies in your pocket and sit on them. Also, you might subconsciously place coins or other metallic items which might complete the circuit with the detached batteries. If this will not lead to an explosion, firing your vaping device accidentally will.

Traveling Storage for Vaping Supplies


There are a variety of vape cases available in vape shops. All you have to do is choose something that suits your vape supplies. One of the benefits of a case is that it keeps your e-liquid bottles and vaping devices safe from breaking. Additionally, they come in stylish makes enabling you to achieve a certain level of sophistication. If you want you can get a separate battery case. This is important when you want to prevent short-circuiting. However, it doesn't main that you cannot use one main case for all your supplies. All you should do is ensure that you have detached the device. This is to prevent accidental firing of vaping devices.


A lanyard is great form of storage of e-cigs when travelling. You place it here and can draw a vape whenever you need. A lanyard is hanged around the neck. Its light weight enables you to comfortably carry your vaping device without attracting too much attention.


If you don't want to spend extra money in buying a specialized vape case or lanyard, there are still ways that you can travel with your vape supplies. If you have a makeup bag, you can use that to store your vape accessories. Also, you can use a pencil pouch to carry your e-cig. A belt that has a utility pouch is ideal for storing your mini MOD. Just ensure

Storage should not jeopardize your vaping experience. If you don't want to use money right now, there are ways you can improve to keep yourself and your vaping supplies safe even as you travel. But as far as your pockets are concerned, that is a no-no.

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