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Top 5 Most Vape Friendly States

Posted by David Nadel on

While other states are struggling with public vaping, others are welcoming vapers with open arms. According to this research, a calculation of the pervasiveness of vape-friendly cities, towns, clubs, shops, events, and the local laws to discover the most vape-friendly states in the United States.

Does your state make this list?

Most Friendly Vape States #5: Nevada
According to research, anything goes in the state (particularly its capital Las Vegas) including vaping. For a traditional smoking ban, the state doesn't do much. Therefore, you'd be surprised that there are no restrictions on indoor vaping. Vaping in the casino hotel rooms, at the black jacket table, and even in the Vegas strip bar is fair game. Furthermore, no one gives an eye at the use of e-cigarettes in public. Las Vegas houses over 35 prominent vape shops in the United States. Nevada hosts the increasingly popular Vape Summit at the Convention Center in Las Vegas. While traveling to this state, you're free to use your device inside the McCarron International Airport. Count your remaining pennies, or your winnings, while you wait to catch a flight back home.

Most Friendly Vape States #4: Colorado
Denver permits vaping just about anywhere as one of the leading cities in the state that allow public vaping. The state has no regulations that ban the use of indoor vaping. For those who own public establishments in the country, it is up to them to allow it. The state is home to over 345 vape shops. For your information, the Mile-High vaping culture is rising. The most familiar stomping grounds include The Gold Creek Casino and the Double Eagle, as well as SOCO Venues (The Church, Club Vinyl, Living Room, Bar, City Hall, Funky Budha Lounge, and milk, Steam Spot, and The Meadowlark nightclub).

Most Friendly Vape States #3: Virginia
This is one of the states where the vaping world has most of its members. The tourist state has taken on the vape culture by storm. It does not ban indoor vaping, and the local businesses aren't keen to create bans. There are over 70 restaurants and bars in the area that allow indoor use of e-cigs. Local joints include the Lucky Oyster, Young Veterans Brewery Company, Bucketheads Bar, Mangos live, and Seaside Raw Bar.
With over 60 vape shops in the state, it really is vape friendly.

Most Friendly Vape States #2: Florida
For vapers in Florida, life is good. The state has no policies, laws, or city codes against the use of e-cigs. It's a cinch to find bars and restaurants that allow indoor vaping. Many vapers in the state can take with them their e-cigs to work while West Shore Plaza in Tampa is free to vape as you browse.

Most Friendly Vape States #1: Washington, D.C.
Washington has been the intersection of mainstream and alternative as the birthplace of Starbucks coffee and Grunge music. With no regulations against indoor or outdoor vaping, vapers have gained a mainstream foothold in culture. While you can see dreadlocked guitar-wielding guy walk down the streets, an open puff from a vaper is possible in public.

While this list is substantial, keep in mind that vaping regulations are on the rise and new rules can come up at any time.

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