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Top 3 Summertime E-Juice Flavors From Fuggin Vapor

Posted by David Nadel on

Fuggin Vapor has some very great juices that are great for vaping in the summertime. These 3 e-juice flavors identify with summer and are each delicious for vaping during the hot months that make up the summer.

Summertime E-Juice Flavor #1: Melon Taffy Tail
Melon Taffy Tail is a vaping juice that has the extraordinary flavor of watermelon. Melon Taffy Tail has a combination taste of both chewy taffy that is combined along with that of juicy watermelon that makes for a unique vaping experience that is wonderful for summer in every way. Who can imagine a summer without watermelon in it? This is why Melon Taffy Tail is one of the best choices for e-juice flavors for summertime.

Summertime E-Juice Flavor #2: Raspy Lemonade
One cannot imagine summertime without the sugary and cool taste of unforgettable lemonade. If you adore the taste of lemonade that is both fruity and delightful at the same time, then you will enjoy vaping with Raspy Lemonade, each and every time you decide to vape during the summer months. Raspy Lemonade contains the taste of classic lemonade that is sweet and strongly reminiscent of the lemonade that mother used to make for kids to drink. There is also a strong flavor of raspberry that is made to mingle along with the sweet lemonade quality that this e-juice does have in abundance.

Summertime E-Juice Flavor #3: Peachy Bundle
Summertime is all about a heat and humidity like no other for a few months. Nonetheless, the comfy side of summer is anything that makes it feel cooler, and chases away the hot temperature. One way to feel cool and breezy is by vaping with a special e-juice that makes one feel one with summer. Peachy Bundle brings on this feeling. It is every inch like a mixed drink. There is Fuzzy Navel. It contains peach schnapps and orange juice. It also has a bit of lemonade in it as well. There is also Drip-Aide Peach Mango that has ripe mango and is the ideal refreshment for all those who love an e-juice that will leave them dripping for more during the summer.

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