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The Proper Way For Changing Your Coil or Atomizer Head

Posted by David Nadel on

Every experienced vape enthusiast is familiar with the sensation: you screw in a brand new, fresh coil, then take a nice, deep hit off of your vaporizer and immediately your throat feels like it's on fire and a burnt and deeply unpleasant taste fills your mouth.

It's tempting to blame this horrible sensation on a cheap coil or a juice of inferior quality that burns easily. However, more times than not, this burnt taste and harsh hit to your throat is simply the result of you not priming your new coil properly.

When it's time to switch out your old coil for a new one, there's a multi-step process that you must take to ensure that the coil works properly and lasts for as long as possible. This is known as priming, and while it's a very detailed process, it's absolutely worth it. A poorly-primed coil is going to cause an unpleasant vaping experience filled with burnt-tasting vapor and painfully dry throat hits.

To properly prime your coil, first bring the wattage of your battery down to about 15. If your wattage is too high, you're going to burn the wick of the coil as soon as you fire up your MOD. This is because the juice has not yet fully saturated the cotton.

Then, unscrew your tank. At this point, use a q-tip to clean any excess juice that may have leaked and any gunk build-up. Wash out the tank thoroughly with water.

Unscrew and discard your old coil. Take out your brand new coil and apply a drop of juice to any exposed cotton. The key here is to saturate your coil without over-saturating it. You want to apply just enough juice to keep the wick from burning when you fire up your vaporizer.

Screw your new coil in and put your vaporizer back together. Without firing the battery, take 7-8 long hits. Although you're not actually inhaling anything, the suction you create when you inhale allows the juice to further saturate the coil completely.

Now you can fire the battery and vape. Take a few hits at a time, then bring the wattage up by about 5, then take a few more hits and bring the wattage up again. Continue this process gradually, allowing the coil to acclimate to the higher wattage, until you're back at the wattage at which you normally vape.

By following these instructions properly, you'll have a coil that'll last for up to several weeks for a pleasant vaping experience. Learning how to properly prime your coil ensures that you will never again experience that burnt taste and dry throat hit. This process may sound tedious, but it's absolutely worth it.

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