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The Dense, Dry Hit: Vaping at 400 Watts

Posted by David Nadel on

If you’ve ever thought “I’d like to experience a truly dry hit” when vaping, then pulling a hit at 400 watts from your MOD might just be for you. Be warned: the hit is dry after about a second of inhaling, so be prepared to cough. Whatever juice you have will have a very, very dense flavor: essentially, it will taste as though you’ve dripped directly on your tongue. Truly speaking, a lot of the power from the 400 watts is wasted, because it eats your juice before you can really enjoy your hit. Of course, vaping at 400 watts is not all bad: you have the ability to pull potentially the largest clouds you’ve ever seen!

Before deciding you want to take a hit at 400 watts, you need to take a look at the equipment you’re using. That much power can (and probably will) melt your decks and/or coils. Most MODs are simply not built to endure such a high power. The same goes for your e-juice: it simply is not made to withstand a power that high and will be spent in perhaps a second or two, tops. If you have heavy duty coils, decks, a high-powered batteries, and a large amount of juice on hand, however, the pay-off may be worth it for you: with a power so high, the cloud you pull is intense. If you’ve ever wanted to be a dragon, vaping at 400 watts is for you—the seasoned professional, who enjoys the showmanship more than the experience.

All things considered, vaping at 400 watts is a potentially dangerous and costly decision. There's a strong probability you will melt your coils and decks; you will definitely burn all the juice in your mod. Don’t vape at 400 watts unless you are fully prepared for a very dense, very dry hit.

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