The Art of Vape Mixology!!

The Art of Vape Mixology!!

February 20, 2018

Have you heard of Fuggin Vapor Co.? is a little giant of a vape company. Thousands of e-liquids, vape products and a customer base in the tens of thousands......... and growing. Their strength is their master mixologist that created their latest Fuggin line of liquids. Hundreds of bottles are sold daily. The flavor, the price, and did I say flavor? Lets look into how the flavors are made.

A vape mixologist is an artist. There are only a few good ones and unfortunately since the FDA decided to regulate, the master mixologist is a dying breed. No more 'new' juices can be created since August 8th 2016 (unless it goes through the FDA process and can cost millions.)

A master mixologist can take months to create a flavor. If you want an orange cream bar for example, there's over 3 or 4 dozen orange flavorings from more than a few companies. Then there's even more cream flavors. What about adding the flavor enhancers or balancers. Then there's more than a dozen types of sweeteners. Now there's the PG and the VG and don't forget the Nic.... there's dozens of brands that make that too. And to top it off, the master mixologist needs to find the right balance and quantities for all these. In all, to make 1 flavor, he needs to know the potency of every ingredient, how they mix with the others, and which ones are dominant. There's literally thousands of possible combinations to create one single flavor. Not everyone can do it right.... but Fuggin can... and they did.... 

25 flavors were created. Yes it took almost a year but they're awesome!!

Their most popular deal called the 'Big Fuggin Deal' has been out for almost 6 months now and has been spreading like wildfire. You can get 600mL of eLiquid for only $60. That's how you vape vape more and pay less. 

There's also a deals page where deals in every category are posted almost on a daily basis.

If you vape, you gotta make an order and see how fast you fall in love!!!

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