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News — FDA

The Fuggin FDA Ruling & Petition YOU need to sign!

Posted by Andrew Gonzalez on

As most of our fellow vapers have heard already, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent final ruling as it stands will completely change the vaping industry literally overnight starting August 8th 2016. The new rules will deem all vapor ejuice and mods made after 2007 to be classified as a “tobacco product.” We know what you’re thinking, “how can this be? It’s not smoke! It’s vapor!” And you would be correct! It is highly absurd and a clear overreach of the FDA to regulate an industry the same as the tobacco industry when there is no tobacco involved! Their...

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Get It Right- It's Not 'Fuggin' Smoke, It's Vapor!

Posted by David Nadel on

In the world of vaping, the only smoke being blown is the cloud of misconception relating smoking to vaping. Neither of these are even close to the same, and the preconceived notions about vaping are unfounded at best. There's a certain stigma that surrounds anything that looks like smoking simply because of the visual similarity, but quite literally, other than containing nicotine, that's where the similarities end. Smoking is a dirty and bad smelling habit that's accomplished by burning tobacco inside of a paper wrapper. The smoker of the cigarette inhales smoke into their lungs. During this inhalation process, thousands...

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