Max VG or Max PG...You Decide

Max VG or Max PG...You Decide

February 20, 2018

Types of E-juices
E-juice which is also known as e-liquid is the principal material used in the vaping experience. It consists of flavors, solvents; propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), and it may or may not contain nicotine. PG is a thin low-viscosity liquid which is a non-medical suspension agent mainly used as a sanitizing agent in hospitals and inhalers. It is a colorless and completely tasteless compound which is found in many FDA approved medication. It is not Carcinogenic, therefore it is safe for vaping. VG is a thick liquid with high viscosity. It is an organic compound mainly used as a sweetening agent in foods such as corn syrup. When choosing between the two vape juices, it is important to consider the type of setup you are using. 

E-Juice Ratio Preference
There several factors that will influence your decision as you choose the type of e-liquid to use in your vaping. You may have personal preferences and factors such as any sensitivity to one of the e-liquids. Most people are known to develop sensitivities for PG. The allergic reaction to PG is mostly characterized by sore throats, swollen mouth, and gums. Some of these reactions only occur during the first time one smokes and may disappear afterward while others are very severe. If your case is severe, you might consider moving 100 percent VG. If you decide on moving 100 percent VG but you require thinner e-juice, you may ask your vendor to dilute your e-juice with distilled water. This is known to reduce the flavor concentration. 

As you choose the e-liquid, it is important to consider whether you prefer flavor or vapor production and how hot, strong or smooth you’d like your throat hit to be. 100 percent of VG concentration will give you big and fluffy clouds of vapor while muting the flavor making it less intense on your taste buds. 100 percent PG concentrations will give you the flavor tastes with less fluffy vapor. If you prefer a balance in between it is probably better to mix the two. 

If you are an ex-cigarette smoker and you are missing the throat hit that cigarettes used to give you, consider a higher PG concentration as it will help steer off the cigarette craving. VG vaporizes smoothly therefore if you are looking for that smooth throat experience, you can use a higher percentage of VG. Sometimes you may want a hotter vapor VG is the best e-juice for you as it has a higher resistance to heat. PG, on the other hand, is more sensitive to heat so it might burn up giving you a burned unpleasant taste. 

Devices and Setups Used in Vaping
Different vape setups allow for different ratios of e-juices. Carto tanks and cartomizers do better with either 10 percent of PG or VG juices. This is because they both must absorb the e-juice to work properly. Cleoromizers, RDAs and Dipping Atomizers are very flexible with no limitations they will work with whichever ratio you decide. But with pre-punched carto tanks, only 100 percent of PG juice or 50 percent of each juice will work well with it. 

Tanks and Coils Used in Vaping Devices
Vape tanks are made from different materials such as plastic (polycarbonate), glass and Pyrex. Some e-liquid flavors may react with plastic tanks resulting in cracks or melting of the tank. Although plastic can withstand high and low temperatures, some e-liquid compounds such as citric acid, mostly found in citrus-based e-liquid fruit flavors react with poly-carbonate molecules. The combination of the two may also form compounds called esters that can cause fogging and in extreme cases cracking. Pyrex and glass tanks are the best to use in e-cigarettes as they are meant to be stronger than plastics. It is difficult for them to crack or fog. Although they may cost more than plastic tanks, they are worth every penny as they are known to last longer. Plastic tanks are meant to be easily replaceable they are therefore cheaper. 

Coils that come with your device comes in different resistances. There are those with standard resistance which are characterized by having above 1.0 ohm. There are also sub-ohm coils that measure less than 1.0 ohm. Lower resistance coils have a larger surface area resulting in production of more flavor and vapor as more e-juice will encounter the coil. Lower resistance coils produce more heat, therefore, generating warmer vapors compared to higher resistance coils. They also take more power to operate compared to their counterparts

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