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Keeping Your Vape Cool During a Cruel Summer

Posted by David Nadel on

Summer is in full swing, and it is important for vapers to take note of how the changes in temperature can affect their devices, specifically their MODs and APVs. These are two elements of the vape that must be kept cool during these summer months.

MODs are mechanical devices but typically do not have electrical circuits or parts. However, they will create a connection between the battery and the atomizer coil. They are crucial in efficient function and in battery productivity. This relationship between a MOD and the device eventually will create the vapor that is then inhaled.

APV's are Advanced Personal Vaporizers that contain wires, circuits, and other crucial mechanics. These devices have a variety of ranges, and when the button is pushed, they will create an electric signal that will fire the battery and heat the atomizer coils.

Clearly by analyzing the electronics alone, it is clear that these devices could be threatened by excess summer heat and must be handled and maintained with care. 

One website calls the summer heat "a vaper’s Kryptonite." The heat can mainly effect your batteries, MODs, juices, and APVs. This not only can ruin your device but can cause health and safety issues. It is also recommended that e-juices be stored at cooler temperatures; indoors. This is recommended because a temperature as high as 105-106º can ruin the viscosity of the juice and the taste. There is no doubt this also will bring adverse health effects. Direct sunlight is a threat to these devices and juices. MODS and APV's have been known to melt under sunlight, or even explode. This is something dangerous that can be avoided by placing them out of light, or in a cooler or shaded place.

As far as batteries and MODs are concerned, many are connected with lithium batteries. As soon as a battery is in an environment of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery cells WILL break down and the charge will lose its strength. If you are looking for that vape fix, and you cannot because a short battery life, it is likely that sunlight has caused this issue. Also, this can be the leading cause of battery explosions. It is highly recommended to keep your MOD and battery separate. This has proven to be successful.

If you find yourself outside with no option to place your device and its components in a cool, indoor place; success can be found by placing them in a freezer safe bag in a cooler. This can really effect their heat and strength. Another recommendation is to not use car or USB chargers. While they may seem convenient, the batteries can get hot in temperature fluctuations and can get fried by over charging.

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