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Keep Your Fuggin E-Juices Cool During Those Hot Summer Days

Posted by David Nadel on

Everyone enjoys relaxing during the summertime, but they often forget the changing weather can affect their vaping routine. If you store your e-liquid bottles in a warm area, the quality will degrade so much that you might as well just throw it in the trash. Instead, be aware of the higher temperatures and learn how to store your e-juices, as well as your vape hardware and accessories responsibly and safely. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the summertime without worrying about why the flavor tastes funny or the consistency is changing before your eyes.

At high temperatures, the e-liquid will start to break down. This leads to negative effects like discoloration, altered flavors, and decreased nicotine. That is a surefire way to ruin what otherwise should have been a relaxing experience. Once an e-juice has been exposed to heat and undergone one of these changes, there is no going back. You cannot fix an altered juice or revert it to its original state. You will need throw that container away and start fresh. The best way to ensure you maintain the quality of your juice is to store in a dry, dark, and cool location. A pantry is a great example of where to store them, so long as your house or apartment is well ventilated. Avoid areas that are humid or lack circulation. If you need a short-term solution or plan to travel with your vapes, pack them up carefully in a cooler and throw in an ice pack or two. Be sure to seal the liquids carefully to prevent spills and contamination. Store the cooler under a car seat or in the trunk to avoid direct sun exposure. Those are also the coolest places in the car, so they're also a decent choice if you do not have a cooler on hand and need to leave your vaping materials in the car.

What should you do if you followed all the rules and properly stored your juice but all of a sudden you notice it is breaking down and changing flavor as you vape it? That has been known to happen in extremely hot weather. The obvious step would be to vape earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it is cooler outside. If possible, vaping inside an air conditioned location will also help prevent this. But sometimes these things just are not possible and you need an alternative. Consider using a juice made with vegetable glycerin (VG). Since that type of solution is thicker, it will be harder for the high temperatures to thin out. This will make your vaping experience go smoothly, even when it is burning up outside.

So this summer remember to watch the temperatures and be aware of where your vaping materials are being stored. It is in your best interest to treat them with care and keep them away from the heat and direct sunlight. With these precautions in mind, you will be able to relax and have some great vaping experiences this summer.

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