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How Much E-Liquid Should Be Vaped?

Posted by David Nadel on

There are tons of popular styles, shapes and brands of vaping devices here at Fuggin Vapor. They're all effective for recreational use and the personal effort to quit a smoking habit. As consumers become more interested in the finer points of using these devices, many questions arise.

A common question regarding the effective use and maintenance of vaping devices is the amount of e-liquid that should be used. This question can be answered will an all-encompassing general amount, or a logical answer with a bit of explanation.

The science behind vaping devices is based on the delivery of substances that mimic smoking real cigarettes. Each type of e-cig for instance must heat, deliver and satisfy the vaper within a manageable and convenient space. This means there's a scientifically limited range of sizes and modes that will work in order to be useful and easy-to-use. Generalities can be made amount the prime amounts of e-juice to be used in almost any brand.

The secret behind prime amounts of e-liquid is based on the proper maintenance and use of your vaping device. The battery and tank of the device should never completely run out of liquid. Like any other machine, prime operation requires a lubrication and fuel. Even with an extravagant and glamorous appearance, most e-cigs will have a small, core cartridge for the juice. Because of the previously-mentioned science, tank sizes are relatively universal.

The majority of vape tanks will operate at prime levels with about 1-1.6 ml of e-liquid. This is an extremely small amount. In common applications, this amount is equal to 15-20 drops from a small e liquid bottle. Again, the trick is to never let a vaping cartridge dry out completely. This will put stress on the device's components, and will result in horrible tastes and smells.

The best way to gauge the amount of e-liquid to use is to develop a regular schedule of vaping use. Think about it this way. You wouldn't put an entire pack of cigarettes into your mouth at one time and try to smoke them. It would be cumbersome, sickening and extremely expensive. The same is true for e-cigs. Use e-liquid sparingly, but on a regular basis.

The instructions provided by each manufacturer will provide adequate information about the proper filling, refilling and maintenance of your device. Each brand is slightly different in the amounts it requires for prime use, but nearly all brands are most effective, tasty, and economical with sparing amounts of e-liquid.

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