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Having A Spare Vape Tank Can Mean More Than Just That

Posted by David Nadel on

Whether you've just started vaping or you're a heavy vaper already, having a spare vape tank or two on hand makes sense for a variety of reasons. Having a spare vape tank on hand means:

  • You'll have a spare if something goes wrong with the incumbent.
  • You'll have a full set of spare parts if you need to replace a component or you want to experiment with tweaking the design.
  • You'll add variety to your vape experience if your spare tank differs from your main tank.
  • You'll have one pre-loaded and ready to go if you're a chain vaper. 

Like a Spare Tire But Only Better
The obvious benefit of having a spare on hand is it provides a spare to use if your main tank breaks. If you shop online because you live in an area with no vape shops, having a spare means zero down time for you. You'll be able to continue vaping while you order a replacement. Think of it as a spare tire for vaping.

Spare Parts
Perhaps you're far enough into your vaping experience that you experiment with the design of your unit. You'll find a full set of spare parts to use in your spare. A second tank means you have one you can take apart and play with while you determine what provides you the best vape.

Add Variety to Your Vape
If you choose a few different tanks, so your spare or spares are different models than your main tank, you'll open yourself to a variety of vaping experiences. Sometimes, you may need to conserve your e-juice. A single coil device serves you better for this. When you're in the mood to enjoy large vapor clouds, a dual coil device serves you better. Your mood may lean toward mouth-to-lung pull one day, which is more like a pull from an actual cigarette. The next day, you may want a direct-lung pull, a pull that draws vapor into your lungs in one motion. You'd need two different tanks for this. Having tanks made of different materials also opens you to new experiences. The majority of tanks use plastic construction for a functional, durable performance that doesn't cost much. You'll also find glass (Pyrex) tanks that offer improved air flow, and metal tanks that use anodized aluminum or stainless steel. These tanks deliver the best hot vape experience.

Chain, Chain, Chain, Chain of vape
A spare tank means you're always ready to go, a boon for chain vapers. Depending on the design, you can pre-load your e-juice so you're ready to go as soon as you finish what's in your main tank. This comes in handy for those who transitioned from chain-smoking to chain-vaping.

It's a smart investment to have more than one vape tank. Your spare vape tank can function as a spare in case your main tank breaks, provide spare parts for experimenting with design tweaks, can offer you variety in your vaping, and gives you a ready-to-go spare tank for chain vaping.

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