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Glass E-Liquid Bottles vs. Plastic E-Liquid Bottles

Posted by David Nadel on

There has been an ongoing debate in the vaping community over the use of glass and plastic e-liquid bottles for quite some time now. Everyone has their opinion on how their choice of vaping e-liquid is better and what not. This post looks to uncover the truth behind the use of both the types of e-liquid bottles on some basic characteristics to help the users form a better opinion about their choices of e-liquid packaging.
As we still debate over the issue of which bottle is the best, there are some of us who have dwelled deep into the matter to help the cause of vapers all around. With the wholesale e-juice manufacturers, retailers and the Vaping community expanding its base, there is a real need for knowledge on functional, appealing and affordable e-liquid containers that meets the needs of vapers. We break down the essentials of using a glass and a plastic e-liquid container into four main basic criteria:
• Freshness and content ratio:
E-liquids stored in plastic bottles are less expensive and less likely to break because of them being just plastic. The way it differs from glass e-liquid bottles is because of its price range. Glass e-liquid bottles are comparatively higher priced compared to the plastic ones and as for the reason of freshness and content ratio of the liquid. Glass bottles helps store the liquid better while plastic bottles have troubles of leeching. Plastic bottles tend to affect the flavor of the juice because of the varying degree of mixtures in the plastic. In the case of plastic bottles, leaching tends to absorb the constituents of the plastic container like styrene, bishphenol A (BPA),antimony etc. There’s a reason as to why wine and spirits are always stored in glass and that is to preserve the purity of juice which plastic clearly lacks.
• Safety and usage concerns:
The food and drug administration has conducted a test for e-liquids coming in plastic bottles and found that many plastic bottles contained BPA, a chemical used in plastics and in linings of certain metal vessels. After the warning in 2010, many e-liquid manufacturers switched on to making BPA free bottles and replacing the plastic bottles with glass. As glass is made of naturally abundant materials, it doesn’t degrade over time. So knowing and checking your bottles before purchasing is the key to choosing a good e-liquid bottle.
Coming to the usage of plastic bottles, yes they can be used but they are not intended for long-term use. Harsh ingredients like nicotine, menthol expedite degradation of the liquid thereby affecting the taste of the juice stored over time whereas glass bottles do not face the same problem simply because of their practical use. The glass bottles tend to hold the freshness of juice in a better way.
• Light sensitivity
Nicotine and other e-liquid ingredients are light sensitive, the reason why so many manufacturers nowadays tend to go for bottles with amber coloring like the glass bottles which filters UV light by almost 70%. This is a popular choice for customers who prefer to” steep” their e-juice. Steeping is the process of resting the e-liquid in a dark and cool place for a longer period of time to bring out more flavor. Plastic bottles can’t seem to compete in terms of steeping juices in their packaging.
So, from the above points we can see the pros and cons of glass and plastic e-liquid bottles and both have their own followers but on a grander scheme of things, glass bottles seem to be the clear winner in all three measures. At the end of the day, it all boils down to a vaper’s call in terms of selecting their juices and their choice of packaging.

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