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Football and Vaping Fuggin Rock!

Posted by David Nadel on

It's football season again and that means get-togethers and watching the games. Now when you think of getting ready for a game, you're probably thinking about food and matching jerseys, however, there's something to consider that you might be overlooking. You should make it a point to pick out the different flavors from Fuggin Vapor you can choose for vaping during the game. You and your friends can have a football and vaping buffet. Have your buddies bring different flavors over and make it a party.

It's easy to get equally excited about vaping as you do about football. You can have the best of both worlds and make it one great experience. When you find the game that you think would be the best to attract a small crowd be sure to include an invitation to have a vape tasting as the same time. Just like sharing different game time snack offerings, you can offer different vape blends.

Just think you can have the excitement of the game and during commercials and half time you can enjoy sampling flavors you haven't tried before. If you want to really plan the affair right , you can collaborate with the others that are going to be attending and set up a list of what everyone is bringing so that there are not duplicates.

Make a spread just like you would for food but with vaping juice. There won't be a dull moment during the game. Just be sure to keep children away from the vaping liquids at all times so you may want to put them away or in a place where they can't get to them while you are preoccupied with the game.

The football game is also a great way to see what other equipment your buddies are using for vaping. You can get a chance to get some great feedback about other models and tips and tricks about how to choose a great MOD or other vaping units. Just like your buddies used to sit and talk about cars, you can now talk about vaping. It's a trend that most people are excited to talk about and share their experiences.

No need to just stick to snacks and beer, you can also add some fun and excitement by adding in everyone's new favorite national pastime, vaping. You can have it all with with a little planning and a few friends that're into vaping as well.

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