WARNING: These products contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Posted by David Nadel on

The STEALTH MINI 60W STARTER KIT from Fuggin Vapor is the way to go, especially if you're just entering into the world of vape MODs. This starter kit is a brand new product from Tesla, a very honorable company for manufacturing vaping products. The STEALTH MINI 60W STARTER KIT has every essential item you need to begin.

This mini MOD is a must have for beginners or veteran vapors. The stealth mini MOD is easy to conceal. The best choice for when you need a quick vape. The MOD is extremely powerful for such a tiny device. The MOD is no bigger than a matchbox but, it packs a super punch giving you a huge vape cloud.

The Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit includes everything you need plus your choice of 120ml of e-juice. This is a great starter kit for a great price. Also, available in your choice of black, white, red, or brown. The entire Stealth Mini Starter Kit includes:

  • Stealth Mini
  • Shadow Mini Tank
  • Shadow Mini Coil
  • Shadow Mini Silicone Ring
  • USB Cable
  • Stealth Mini User Manual
  • Shadow Mini User Manual

If you wanna start vaping, the Stealth Mini 60 watt Starter Kit is all you will need. Did I mention that this MOD is super easy to use? If you are confused about how to work the MOD or fill the tank, an easy step by step user manual is included with the kit. You can not go wrong with this mini starter kit.

It's now time to take the step into vaping. Tesla's Stealth Mini 60w Starter Kit includes all you will need to begin. The Stealth Mini MOD is simple to use, easy to conceal, and extremely powerful. Wanna get strong vapor clouds out of a tiny device? The Stealth Mini 60 watt Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin.

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