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Avoid Vaping With A Dirty Coil

Posted by David Nadel on

A common topic of discussion in the vaping community is "coil gunk," a black, sticky substance that commonly builds on the outside of the coil in your atomizer. Typically, certain chemicals in the e-liquid are to blame for this phenomenon, especially in some of the sweeter flavors. In my experience, this substance is to blame for much of the burnt or muted tastes, and contributes to uneven heating across the coil surface. An uneven heating component can hinder cloud production, flavor production, and even scorch the wick. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to return to a smooth even flavor!

Changing Your Coils
The most effective way to combat this problem is to simple replace the coils all together. If your using a tank, this means replacing the coil inside with another compatible part, usually you can buy one from the same place you purchased your atomizer from. If you are using an RDA style atomizer, you can replace the build. This will fix any missing flavors or burnt tastes most of the time! You should replace your coils every week to two weeks depending on your vaping habits.

Dry Firing
Another popular choice is "fry firing" the coils, which is only possible in RDAs and RBAs. I do not recommend attempting this with a tank style atomizer. First, you must remove the cotton or wicking material from the coil, and then glow the coils red hot. Remember to hold the coils away from your face while doing so to prevent any e-liquid popping onto you. Wait for them to cool, and then rinse them with a few drops of e-liquid. Now you can vape with flavor and clouds once again!

Why Maintain Your Coils?
It's very important to remember to keep your vaping materials clean, because much of the time the black gunk that coats your coils comes from a buildup of various sweeteners in the e-liquid. Most companies that provide e-liquid use pure Sucralose as sweetener, or a combination of Ethyl Maltol and Propylene Glycol, the latter of which is a far worse culprit to the problem. These sugars stick and burn to the coil over time, building up and creating that troublesome gunk. This is the primary cause of what many call "burning your wick."

Whether your an experienced vaper or a beginner, you'll almost certainly deal with coil gunk. It is imperative that you deal with this, especially with an unregulated device, as it can lead to excess battery strain. Coil gunk is one of the biggest contributors to reducing the lifespan of your equipment, so always remember to clean your MOD and replace old coils!

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