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Avoid Using Acidic Flavors in a Plastic Vape Tank

Posted by David Nadel on

When choosing an e-liquid, the only thing that matters is that one gets an e-liquid that gives them the desired throat hit and vapor production. The question about whether this e-liquids would hurt their vaping devices if often disregarded. If you were not in the know, then you can now start considering the make of your vape tank before you can choose an e-liquid.

One of the most vulnerable of vape tanks materials is plastic. It's particularly prone to breaking if you use acidic flavors. However, the extent of the vulnerability is dependent on the type of plastic used. There are two major types of plastics used in making vape tanks, that is, PETG and poly-carbonate tanks.

Poly-carbonate tanks tend to be more vulnerable to getting cracked when acidic e-juices are used. On the other hand, PETG plastic vape tanks can to some extent withstand the acidity. Therefore, if you are selecting plastic vape tanks, go for those made of PETG plastic.

Overall, it is advisable that vapers invest in vape tanks made of high quality materials, such as Pyrex glass. Not only can glass withstand acidity without cracking, rather, it is easy for the vaper to track the level of their e-juice. Metallic vape tanks are also great. The only problem with metal is that they get too cold in winter, and if you have the misfortune of getting your lips stuck, it could be really uncomfortable, not to mention very painful.

If you already own a plastic tank, it doesn't mean that you have to dispose it. What you have to do is stay clear of acidic flavors. Here are some reasons why

Wastage of Money: Using acidic flavors on your vape tank could mean the loss of your expensive investment. When your vape tanks crack, it not only means that you've lost your vaping device, it also means that you will lose the leaking e-juice.

It Gets Messy: Imaging getting to the office only to realize that your clothes or office documents are wet with e-juice? Instead of suffering such an inconvenience, why not try being more careful the next time you are shopping for an e-juice?

If you love vaping, it's important that you invest in a vaping device that does not limit you. Acidic flavors, in addition to heat, make the plastic vape tanks further vulnerable to cracking or melting. Besides, poly-carbonates tend to natural react with acidic and heat only acts to catalyze this reaction. However, you can still make the most of your plastic tank.

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