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The Older Generation Needs to Understand Vaping Better

Posted by David Nadel on

As vapers, we understand the benefits of vaping, but to many people in the older generation, it's just a strange word. Rather than chuckle and forget it, a better approach is taking the opportunity to help previous generations see the benefits, as well.

There's still debate as to how healthy e-liquids are. What nobody doubts is that vaping is less harmful than the tars and carcinogens found in tobacco. E-cigarettes have helped millions of smokers quit, and possibly saved their lives. The majority of tobacco smokers who give vaping a serious chance quit or reduced their use of traditional cigarettes. Most programs that help people quit smoking include the advocacy of e-cigarettes. Since even inexpensive vaping products are now available online or at the local drug store, it isn't a hard choice for anyone.

What today’s generation can do is increase public awareness by informing everyone, especially older smokers, that vaping is not a modern fad but a better alternative. It is also cheaper than cigarettes. Let people in public see you vaping. Answer questions, and counter objections with the simple truth - that vaping is safer for everyone. The dangers of second-hand cigarette smoke are well known, but the dangers of second-hand vaping are negligible or non-existent. Inform them of the different flavors, products, and options that are out there, such as mixing your own e-liquid. While all smokers accept that nicotine is addictive, inform them that nicotine in various concentrations is available with many e-cigarette products. Most importantly, let people see that you enjoy vaping.

This goes for non-smokers, as well. While they may not be encouraged to vape for the simple pleasure, thy will likely have family or acquaintances they can convey information to. Put posts or photos on your Facebook page or other social media. Whenever and wherever possible, advocate establishing designated vaping lounges where tobacco smoking has been banned.

When opportunity arises, you can promote vaping without saying a word. Email articles on vaping to friends and family who express curiosity. Print up the occasional article and put it on a bulletin board. If you really want to make a difference, volunteer your time to quit-smoking programs. Leave your name, email, or cell number at the local hospital or clinic that helps people quit tobacco. Anyone desperate to quit smoking would love to hear from someone who has made the transition to vaping. You can let them see with their own eyes that quitting smoking does not have to be a painful or expensive experience.

If you can see yourself as an ambassador of vaping to the older crowd, it's a role you can be proud of. You know you'll be saving lives.

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