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4 Major Fuggin Rules of Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

If you’re a beginner in the vaping world, there are four main vaping rules that you should follow in order to enjoy your vaping experience to the maximum. The major vaping rules include rules on vaping safety, nicotine strength, using your device, and being a respectful vaper.

Vaping Safety
A good vaper should be able to observe the vaping safety rules. This is to ensure that their vaping is not a safety hazard to themselves and those around them. One, vapers should always store their vaping devices out of children’s reach. Also, they should ensure that their devices come with child-resistant drips so as to prevent children from consuming e-liquids. By ensuring that take precautionary measure to make sure that you device does not burn up or explode. 

Using Your Vaping Device
As a beginner in the vaping world, you learn the rules of proper use of your vaping device. You should learn how to handle it while using it and how to store it properly. While travelling over different altitudes, ensure that you only carry your device half-full or empty. This will help prevent leakage of e-liquid from your device. Also, you may opt to store your devise in pressurized compartments such that it is not affected by altitude changes. 

Also, you should learn how to purchase the right batteries for your vaping device. In addition to this, you should learn how to use, handle and store your batteries such that they serve you longer. And, if you’re using rebuildable tank atomizers, ensure that you learn how to make your wicks and coils yourself. This will enable you to have a superior vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength
Transitioning from smoking to vaping should not make you go crazy. You should learn how to select the right nicotine strength for you based on your needs. As a beginner in vaping, you should start with the least nicotine strength then progress upwards. But this is dependent on how many cigarettes you smoked in a day. Light smokers should start at 3-6 ml nicotine while heavy smokers start at 6- 24 ml nicotine.

Vaping Etiquette
Every good vaper should learn the rules of respectful vaping. This is by observing vaping etiquette to ensure that they do not offend other vapers and non-vapers. Also, they should respect others while vaping to ensure that vaping is not associated with bad behavior.

Following this rules of vaping to the letter will not only ensure that you have a great vaping experience. Rather, it will ensure that other people and smokers around you appreciate vaping. Follow this rules and you just might influence other people into vaping.

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