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The 'Fuggin' World of CBD

Posted by David Nadel on

CBD, short of Cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular globally due to its various benefits. Found in different concentrations, CBD is derived from hemp oil. When it comes to vaping, however, many people vape with the traditional e-liquid. There are those vapers out there that’ve chosen to vape using CBD replacing the usual nicotine.

Although CBD is not legal everywhere in the United States, it’s used to treat various health conditions. It hasn't been legalized even though CBD lacks THC which’s an active cannabis ingredient.


CBD oil is used in various ways. Its popularity is also due to its various consumption methods. It can be taken orally, added to edibles, or vaped. Nevertheless, all these consumption methods aren’t as common as vaping CBD. Which brings us to this question:


Although CBD can be consumed through other means, it has greatly entered into the world of vaping. It's a cheaper method than consuming it. Its oil is very expensive as suppliers can charge you over $100 for a one-month supply. However, it's more convenient to vape for the reason that carrying a bottle of CBD oil with you everywhere is tedious compared to carrying a compact vape pen with CBD-rich e-juice. Through vaping, you can always enjoy the benefits of CBD. It gives you an experience that you don’t get when using other consumption methods.

All vapers know that vaping isn’t only about getting a CBD, cannabis or nicotine fix but enjoying the whole experience.


If you’d like to try vaping CBD e-liquids, you can buy them on our website.


There are several health benefits of vaping CBD. It’s more suitable for people with anxiety problems, people with stress, people suffering from nausea and those suffering for inflammation pain. Moreover, the're ongoing studies as to whether vaping CBD can help cancer and epilepsy patients.

Vaping CBD is rapidly becoming more renowned. It’s the perfect way of consuming CBD and is extremely easy to do. Just buy the CBD e-liquid online and enjoy the experience of vaping it.


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  • I really want to order the CBD vapor please help lead me to order some ! I sure cannot find it , Want to try this for my medical condition I have ,
    Thank you

    MIchelle on
  • Me neither. I’ve been vaping Koi & Alchemy Vapor’s CBD, but they always seem to be out at my local Vape shop.
    So I just read a blog recommending Fuggin Vapor’s CBD, but I can’t find it anywhere on your site?

    Cricket on
  • Do u still sell cdb e juice if so where is it on the website?

    Dustin on
  • I can’t find CBD oil on your site.

    Paul Knittel on

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