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Some "Fuggin" New Year's Vaping Goals To Achieve

Posted by David Nadel on

The end of year is fast approaching, and by this time we need to be plotting down our resolutions for the new year. But, while you do so, please ensure that you also include things that you need to improve your vaping experience and/or that of others. For example, here are some vaping goals that you could make: 

Enjoy Vaping at Lower Nicotine Levels
In the year 2016, try vaping e-liquids that have a lower in nicotine concentration than those that you're accustomed to. You don’t have to go all the way to the lowest nicotine level at once. You can start by just moving to the immediate next lower level then proceed downward with time. This way, you'll always enjoy vaping without being dependent on nicotine.

Customize your Vaping Experience
This new year, purchase a rebuildable atomizer. Try to learn how to rebuild your coils and wicks. This way, you'll have more control over your vaping than with the regular e-cigarettes.

Spread Vaping Awareness
Vaping has been good to you, so why not share the experience with other people? Help spread the awareness, especially to the traditional tobacco smokers. Do it in such a way that you don't sound condescending to the smokers. Try and make them understand the advantages of vaping and why they should quit smoking.

Don’t be Afraid to Try New Flavors
This new year should be the year when you get out of your comfort zone. Try some new flavors at Fuggin Vapor from time to time. Also, try blending the flavors. You'll realize with time that there are other flavors that you like that're equal to your old favorite flavor. This will also help you avoid flavor exhaustion, as constant change of flavors gives your taste buds the shock that they need.

Attend a Vaping Convention
Go out to a vaping convention and meet with new vapers. Also, get to share your vaping experiences with them. I assure you that this'll be a very exciting experience and one you won't regret.

Make sure that the vaping goals you make for the new year are achievable. Don't just make a resolution that you very well know is impossible for you. Also, you don’t have to make goals that will require you to spend a lot. Smart and achievable goals equal a better vaping outlook for you in 2016.

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  • Hey work on a Cranberry vape for me. BTW great website happy New Years to you guys!

    Don on

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