Get It Right- It's Not 'Fuggin' Smoke, It's Vapor!

February 20, 2018

In the world of vaping, the only smoke being blown is the cloud of misconception relating smoking to vaping. Neither of these are even close to the same, and the preconceived notions about vaping are unfounded at best.

There's a certain stigma that surrounds anything that looks like smoking simply because of the visual similarity, but quite literally, other than containing nicotine, that's where the similarities end.

Smoking is a dirty and bad smelling habit that's accomplished by burning tobacco inside of a paper wrapper. The smoker of the cigarette inhales smoke into their lungs. During this inhalation process, thousands of toxic chemicals and nicotine are entered into the body. On the exhale, the smoke pours out into the air surrounding the smoker, and is secondarily inhaled by those around the smoker of that cigarette. This also introduces the bystander to all of those chemicals and toxins, and the associated health risks and hazards of cigarette smoking.

Vaping is an alternative way to get nicotine into the body by way of using a vaping device that has a heated coil and a wick, heating the e-liquid, so that there's no combustion... only vapor. Not only is it effective in delivering the nicotine, it also doesn't contain all of the toxic chemicals of cigarette smoke.

The e-juice is made of FDA approved compounds that're currently found in foods and pharmaceuticals. For comparison sake, nothing about cigarettes will ever be FDA approved simply because of the level of toxicity that's known to exist within the compound of the smoke produced.

We as vapers need to be diligent in calling it what it is, and that's 'vapor'. If we don't we'lll be feeding into the misconception that vapor is just like smoke.

For those who're outside looking in on the world we call vaping, please don't call it smoke. Smoke is a byproduct of fire on a fuel source, we don't have that. What we have is basically electronically induced evaporation of FDA approved liquids that you also consume, unknowingly, perhaps on a daily basis.

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