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Some 'Fuggin' Drip Tip Pointers

Posted by David Nadel on

Drip tips refer to the hollow mouthpieces that're placed on the mouth of your clearomizers. They make it easy for you drip in the e-liquid once you feel your atomizer running dry. They're basically used as a replacement for cartridges. Their hollow centers enhance your vaping experience by increasing the amount of vapor produced.

When purchasing drip tips always ensure that they are heat resistant. Remember that, when vaping, this is where you will place your mouth on. Therefore, you need to ensure that they don't absorb heat produced from your tank, otherwise, you might end up burning your lips. To avoid this problem of burning lips, you may also choose longer drip tips.

We're fast approaching the winter season, so it's important that beginners learn to select drip tips suitable for the winter weather. You should avoid metallic drip tips at all costs. They may cause frozen lips and your lips could even stick on them, in which case, it would be a very painful experience. During the winter season, plastic drip tips are the best choice.

As a safety measure, always ensure that you carry an extra drip tip in case a friend wants to share your atomizer with you. This will prevent contacting of diseases, especially those that can be spread by mouth or saliva.

Always ensure that your drip tips are clean and that they have been sanitized. Drip tips, tend to come into contact with a lot of bacteria from your saliva and food remains in your mouth. Accumulation of this bacteria could lead to infections. You should regularly clean your drip tip in some soapy water and alcohol to sanitize them.

With drips tips, you'll achieve customization and can vape as you want. Additionally, you'll find that vaping becomes cheaper once you incorporate dripping.

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