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A 'Fuggin' E-Liquids Shopping Guide

Posted by David Nadel on

Shopping for e-liquids can be quiet overwhelming because of the many varieties and brands that’re available out there and especially here on our website. With that said, here are the basics that you need to look for when shopping for e-liquids:

First, you need to look at the different ingredients that make-up different e-liquids. Nicotine, is one of such ingredients. For those who prefer no nicotine, make sure that the bottle chosen has a 0 ml nicotine component. Safe nicotine levels range from 0 to 36 ml. Therefore, always ensure that the e-liquid you want to purchase doesn’t have a nicotine level exceeding 36ml. Also, the selection for nicotine concentration is dependent on the type of smoker you used to be. If switching from flavored cigarettes, then you’ll prefer a higher nicotine concentration of between 18- 24 ml. However, if you were a light smoker, you should probably try e-liquids with a nicotine concentration as low as 6 ml.

Another important ingredient to look at is the PG/ VG ratio. If you’re looking for an e-juice with a great throat hit, then Propylene Glycol based e-liquids are the best for you. However, if you’re looking to achieve thick and large vape clouds for example, then Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids are the best choice.

When shopping for e-liquids, you should also look at the flavor. On our site, we’ve tons of awesome and unique flavors from which you can choose from. They range from menthol, mint, liquor, dessert, fruits and even beverages.

It’s also important to consider the safety factor when shopping for this. You should ensure that production of the e-liquids regulated by approved quality bodies. Also, the e-liquids should come in packages that enhance safety. Particularly, for children. Therefore, ensure that the e-liquid bottles have child-resistant drip tips to prevent accidental poisoning.

A final factor to look for when shopping for e-liquids is the value for which you’re paying for them. Try to cut-down on costs by purchasing a large quantity at a time. Ensure that you pick packages that come with less e-liquid bottle so you can experience many flavors.

Considering all these factors when shopping for an e-liquid will ensure that you get maximum satisfaction from the e-liquid chosen. Therefore, you need not do your e-liquid shopping blindly.

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