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A Vaping Variable Battle: Voltage vs. Wattage

Posted by David Nadel on

Vaping is the better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. This is because with vaping there is no smoke produced hence reduces the chances of getting lung cancer. Also it does not have carcinogens like in tobacco cigarettes which can lead to health issues. Vaping has many benefits not only to the vaper, but also to those around them and the environment in general.

The two main factors that determine the vapor produced are the voltage variable and the wattage variable. Having a MOD that allows you change the voltage or wattage means that you're more likely to have superior vapors than in normal MODs When these variables are increased, they enable you to have a hotter vape and when they're decreased, they lead to a cooler vape.

However, these two variables have their differences.

If your MOD can allow for the adjustment of these variables, you'll have to choose which one you want to adjust to. They cannot be both adjusted at the same time. Volts to be set are dependent on the type of header. If you want to have a great experience with high resistance headers, you'll need to increase your volts. However, to achieve the same in a low resistance header, it's necessary that you lower the volts of your device.

On the other hand, when working with watts, your battery will set the voltage of your MOD to match the wattage that you've selected. Here, there's no consideration for header resistance. This means that even if you change to a different header, there's no need for you to change the wattage. This is because your MOD automatically calculates the required voltage.

These two variables have different advantages. Variable wattage is very easy and can be used by anyone because once you set it, you don't need to change the settings, even when when you change your header. On the other hand, the voltage variable gives you more control over vaping because you can change it according to need.

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