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6 Signs You Need A New Vaping Tank

Posted by David Nadel on

Taking care of your e-cigarette, portable vaporizer, or MOD means regularly changing its important items, such as changing out the vaping tank. But how do you know when it's time to get a new tank at Fuggin Vapor? By watching for the following six symptoms of an overused vaping tank:

Sign #1: When Your Atomizer Coils Are Going Out
The atomizer coils in your tank are the tools that help heat up the e-liquid and allow it to become vaporized. When they start going out, it’s time to get a new tank. There are many different symptoms of their failure, which are outlined below. The unfortunate thing is that a tank can otherwise be in great shape, but with atomizer coil failure, it must be replaced to keep the entire device working properly.

Sign #2: Taste is Getting a Bit Stale
One of the earliest signs that you need a new vaping tank is a stale taste to your vapor. A good tank should create a potent and delicious vapor, but when it starts to go bad, it’ll taste slightly less potent. It’s important to understand that this is different than simply getting acclimated to a new taste. The flavor will get increasingly dull here, making it important to change your tank ASAP.

Sign #3: E-Juice Color is Getting Too Dark
E-juice should be light in color inside of your tank. However, when it starts to get a little darker than normal, it’s probably time to get a new tank. Why? As you use your device, buildup can occur on the coils and inside of the tank. This buildup creates a “gunk” that darkens the color of your fluid. It also creates a taste, rather similar, to “toasted almonds.” So, change your tank right away.

Sign #4: Lack of Thick Vapor
Is the vapor a little thinner than you'd like? One of the biggest joys of vaping is really getting a big puff out and blowing out a beautiful stream of vapor. When it lacks the thickness, for which you’ve experienced in the past, you need a new vaping tank ASAP.

Sign #5: Heating Is More Difficult
As your coils start to go out, you're going to have a harder time heating up your tank. Unfortunately, when this happens, you're going to struggle to get the same amount of pleasure you did from your device before. At a certain point, your tank may not heat at all: at this point, it obviously must be replaced.

Final Sign: You Are Simply Not Enjoying It as Much
Last, but not least, is the simple fact that you're just not enjoying vaping as much as you were before. This is typically because of the above-mentioned problems that have affected your vaping tank. By switching out your tank now, you can regain the pleasure of vaping. Remember that vaping can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a little nicotine without worrying about the social pressure associated with smoking or the nasty side effects of tar buildup on your teeth and in your lungs.

By watching for these signs and symptoms, you can ensure that your vaping tank is replaced at the right time. Replacing it too soon will cost you too much money while replacing it too late will decrease your enjoyment. Deciding when to change is a tricky task, but it’s one that you can now hopefully be able to do.

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