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Top 3 Fuggin Thanksgiving E-Liquds

Posted by David Nadel on

Searching for e-liquids with a unique flavor? At Fuggin Vapor, there are many options for vapers of every taste. With that said, why not get into the spirit with seasonal flavors that pair well with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Even if the turkey's dry and the green bean casserole's burnt, you can always count on the quality flavor that we strives to achieve.

Here's a roundup of 3 flavors you're gonna wanna bring to the table this Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Flavor #3: The Neighborhood - Family

During a time when friends and family gather around the dinner table to give thanks, this e-liquid is a surefire way to set the mood. The wholesome flavors of Family include cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel. Its warm aroma matches that of seasonal desserts and scented candles.

Thanksgiving Flavor #2: Velvet Cloud Vapor - Harvest Berry

In celebration of the final harvest, treat your mouth to a berry medley with Harvest Berry. This e-liquid features the juicy flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. A fantastic choice for vapers who enjoy refreshing fruity flavors. Wake up your taste buds with this tantalizingly crisp e-liquid.

Thanksgiving Flavor #1: EJuice - Maple Walnut

For the ultimate turkey and holiday ham pairing, EJuice’s Maple Walnut embodies the perfect balance of sweet and nutty. A flavor that'll bring maple-glazed walnut ice cream and pecan pie to mind. Experience desert before dinner in the most conspicuous way.

There’s no better time than now to kick your tobacco habit. If you're ready to switch to a better alternative, then you've come to the right place. With flavors like these, we're 'Fuggin' sure you'll have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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