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So you want to try vapin'? Here's where you start...

Posted by David Nadel on

There has been a lot of talk about vaping. To vape or not to vape seems like a rather deep question. However, if you've decided to vape, perhaps you're looking for an alternative to get away from smoking tobacco. With that said, here are 3 main things you wanna look for when getting your kit set-up.

Power Source

One of the first things to consider is the power source you'll need. While the pen-style offer's a more "ergonomic" experience (may be easier or more comfortable to hold), the box-style offer's potential for longer battery life. Most power sources are rechargeable. However, the box-type tend to offer a longer battery life and some come with replaceable battery packs. So you could potentially have one charging while using the other. This could be along the same lines as purchasing two pen-types or two box-types without replaceable extra packs. Just be sure to get a compatible threading (510 or 808), so your units can be swapped out. If you're going for the most economical, though, the replaceable extra pack is the way to go. 

Cartomizers and Tanks

The size and style of your cartomizer, while largely a personal preference, has to do with how much you actually vape. While there are pre-filled options, the most economical seem to be the ones you refill yourself. A lot of people prefer glass (pyrex or, sometimes, hand blown) tanks. They do seem to be easier to clean, especially if you're thinking of changing up your flavors occasionally. Be sure to choose a cartomizer (atomizer...basically) that supplies enough power through its coils to heat up the juice and supply a desirable amount of vapor.


The nicotine content and flavor of your e-juice varies according to what you're going for. Do you want the burn, like what you might get from smoking cigarettes? Do you want a menthol, or fruity, or tobacco flavor? If you were a previous smoker, you may want to examine the nicotine content of your favorite cigarette brand to find a comparable nicotine content in your juice. There are many pre-made juices that come in a variety of flavors. After you vape for sometime and get the hang of it, you may want to look into mixing your own, custom flavors and strengths. 

There are many choices available for the newbie on the vaping scene. By examining your preference, and budget, you'll be able to select the best equipment for your starter kit.

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