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Vaping's Contribution to Our Environment

Posted by David Nadel on

As most of you know, vaping is the modern day substitution to the traditional tobacco smoking. Instead of emitting smoke, vaping devices emit vapor. It goes without saying that vaping's very beneficial to the vapers, those around them, and the environment.

Speaking of the environment, here are some of the benefits that have come along from vaping:

Litter Avoidance and Waste Avoidance
One of the benefits of vaping to the environment is that it prevents littering. This is because with vaping, you don't have to drop off the cigarette butts. Also, it reduces the amount of waste that has to be disposed. Importantly, it reduces the negative impact of butts’ disposal. Cigarette butts take a very long time before they breakdown.

Reduction of Global Warming
Traditional tobacco cigarettes production involve a lot of tree cutting. This is to cater for the packaging and wrapping of the tobacco. However, with vaping, no trees need be cut down. Also, there's less air pollution. This is because it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that's released into the atmosphere through traditional vaping.

Reduction of Water Pollution
Vaping reduces the amount of water pollution caused by littering cigarette butts in water bodies. First, the butts are non-biodegradable, and second, the butts contain cellulose acetate, which makes it very hard for them to decompose. However, the main issue's the amount of risk that cigarette butt littering causes to organisms in water bodies, especially, through the release of harmful toxins. However, with vaping, none of these happen.

Preservation of Nature
Vaping more than compensates for where tobacco cigarettes have caused degradation of the environment. With vaping, no forests need be cleared to make way for plantation of tobacco trees.

Many people around the world are moving away from traditional tobacco smoking for the many health hazards associated with it. This however indirectly benefits the environment. No wonder many environmental enthusiasts are advocating for vaping. I therefore recommend vaping as an initiative to protect and preserve the environment.

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