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Smoking or Vaping in the Car - Which's Better?

Posted by David Nadel on

Keeping you car in good condition while satisfying your desire for nicotine can be a bit difficult, but technology has progressed to the point where it's possible to avoid any long term impacts from partaking vaping in your vehicle. Devices have grown in popularity over recent years, and they've a number of qualities that make them a clear superior choice for use in a car.

When you smoke normal cigarettes in your car you leave behind a musty, stale, and obviously smoky odor that can linger for years, even after intense cleaning. What's more, you're delivering second hand smoke to any passengers who might be accompanying you. Both of these issues are completely negated when you choose vaping instead of smoking.

Even after long term heavy use, the only potential drawback is a increased humidity in your car that may manifest as a thin filmy layer that is easily wiped away. Second hand vapor is also completely harmless, as opposed to second hand smoke, which we all know is dangerous.

It should be stated that any smoking or vaping while driving is discouraged, as it only increases your likelihood of having an accident. However, even for those times when you can't help but indulge while driving, using a vaping device is far superior to normal cigarettes. It can be used as little or as much as desired by the user, and it doesn't have to be lit with each use, allowing for shorter hits and less hassle.

After you've finished vaping, you can simply place your device back in its resting spot, whereas with a cigarette, you've a filter to discard once you're done. This not only helps you save on time, but it prevents littering in your car as well.

Only you can decide what's best for your situation, but it's hard to argue that vaping isn't a valid, if not significantly better option for enjoying a nicotine break in your car. With a cleaner, less smokey vehicle brought about by switching to a vaping system, you can retain the resale value and avoid blowing smoke in the faces of your friends who're along for the ride.

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