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Posted by David Nadel on

As vaping gains more popularity, two distinct classes of vapers have risen along with it. The names 'geeky' and 'nerdy' are attributed to the characteristics of the different vaper classes. In vaping, you either fit into the geeky vapers community or the nerdy vapers community. To fit into one of these classes, you've to have deep knowledge and passion for vaping and devices.

Geeky Vapers
Geeky vapers get the name from the normal geeks. Geeks are people who're experts and very passionate about a certain thing. Similarly, these vapers are passionate about a certain e-juice flavor or hardware, and they can always remember every detail, experience, feature, and aspect.

Tendencies of Geeky Vapers
They always feel inclined to give full information when asked about a certain flavor or vaping device. Geeky vapers tend to avoid e-liquids that have higher nicotine concentration.They also tend to own different vaping devices. Also, they've most likely tried a very wide variety of flavors and lastly settle for a favorite. They can tell the difference between atomizers, clearomizers, catridges and cartomizers.

Nerdy Vapers
Nerdy Vapers are just like the geeky vapers, the only difference being that they have expertise in different fields. Just like how the general nerds tend to have expertise in more than one area of vaping. Basically, they can tell the advantages and disadvantages of different flavors and also they're able to give a comparison or contrast between different flavors and devices. Anyone new to vaping can fit in this class. They're only passionate about vaping and don't care what device's being used for it.

Tendencies of Nerdy Vapers
This kind of vaper heavily relies on the internet to gain insight. Vaping for them's mostly out of curiosity and need to evaluate different innovations and technologies. They also don't invest heavily in vaping but instead purchase only the most basic vaping equipment and rigs. If you're a nerdy vaper, you may sometimes find yourself trying to tap 'ash' out of your vaping device.

The two vaping communities have no disadvantages attributed to them. Besides, all of them are avoiding the unhealthy habit of traditional tobacco smoking. So, as long as you're having a great vaping experience, it doesn't matter which class of vapers you belong to.

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