Vaping Battery Choices and Your Preferences

February 20, 2018

The range of battery life in available vaping products are what you might imagine: from charges that last a few draws to those that can give you an entire day of constant vaping! Similar to cell phones batteries follow the traditional rule of "the bigger the better." You may see smaller e-cigarette style batteries which typically don't offer as much battery life and flexibility as MODS that can be up to the size of a cell phone. 

With regular use, an e-cigarette sized battery can last a few hours and require rotating with other spare batteries to ensure availability. This doesn't go into the topic of refillable tanks or "cartomizers" but with this sized vaping unit you will likely be refilling on as regular a basis (or more!) as you are switching out your battery.

Pens typically last up to half a day with regular use and usually have a tank attachment that you fill with more of your preferred juice. Charging these is typically done with a micro USB cable that can be either attached to a PC or to an outlet.

The option that offers the most flexibility in regards to length of available time to vape are usually in MODs, which are larger (usually still pocket sized) batteries with options to control temperature, power output and airflow options.

Each of the battery options available to vapers can fill the needs of casual ones, hobbyists and "hard-core" users. It's worth investing time to research and shop for the battery that's right for your vaping needs.

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