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Dealing with an Over-Heated Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Posted by David Nadel on

You’re vaping away, and all of the sudden, your herbal vaporizer starts to overheat. “Oh no! What do I do?!” you think. Well, I’m here to calm those fears and give you some tips on what to do and how not to injure yourself in the process.

If you’re using a regulated vape, it will shut off before it gets too hot. That’s just how they’re designed. But, chances are, you’re using a modded vape. With that being the case, a lot of times it’s an electrical short causing the overheat, and could even cause that heat to go into your battery, which makes the battery expand. DO NOT let the battery explode. You’ll lose a few fingers and whatever else is close to the battery.

Before you even add herbs to the vape, make sure you leave a little space, or it will overheat, guaranteed. Don’t hold the button for more than around 15 seconds at a time, either – that’s another guaranteed way to overheat your vape.

Now, let’s get to the actual “what to do when it does overheat” part. You want to make sure your coils aren’t touching your cap at all and that your battery connections are secure, as in not half-hanging off or anything like that. If they’re not, that could be a reason you’re overheating. If it’s the button getting hot, take it apart and clean it with rubbing alcohol because nasty gunk could be the reason. Or maybe all you really need to do is increase the resistance a little to quit the overheat.

Worst case scenario is you’ll have to get a new vape. Sorry, but electronics are electronics for a reason and nobody wants to mess with battery acid – take it from me, I’ve been the battery acid route and it sucks…bad.

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