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5 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than The Patch or Gum

Posted by David Nadel on

Vaping has become one of the most popular trends in the past few years because of it's safety benefits, ease of access, and a simple way to quit smoking. It offers a better alternative to smokers than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Vapes also come in many convenient forms for any vaper, as well as different flavoring agents for those who do not like the taste of normal cigarettes. There are multiple ways to help when it comes to quitting cigarettes, but vaping is the best alternative. The studies that have been done so far always come out with vaping having a higher success rate of smokers actually quitting cigarettes than other alternatives.

Vaping vs Nicotine Patch

1. When a person wears a patch to help stay away from cigarettes they are losing the pleasure of putting something between their lips. Cigarette smokers are not only addicted to the products in cigarettes, but also the action of actually smoking something. The enjoyment of having something in their mouth almost tricks them into thinking they are still smoking a cigarette. Vapes offer the smoker the "experience" without actually inhaling the harsh chemicals in cigarettes. The harsh chemicals in cigarettes are not a secret to anyone, everyone knows that cigarettes contain chemicals like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and others as well.

2. The success rate of a nicotine patch for smokers is under 10%; whereas, the success rate of vaping for smokers hold a much higher success rate of 60%. The majority of this success rate is due to the fact that vapers can control their own amount of nicotine intake. When a smoker uses a nicotine patch they have no control of how much nicotine is going into their blood stream because the patches have a preset amount. When vapers who are trying to quit smoking decide on what cartridge they want to purchase, they can purchase cartridges with different levels of nicotine to satisfy their own needs. This helps them decrease their level of cigarette smoking as quickly or as gradually as they choose to, they are in control.

3. Placebo plays a powerful role in an individual's mindset. If a person is trying to quit smoking and they decide to place a patch on their chest or upper arm, how does that make them believe it is going to work at all? Their placebo effect is going to tell them it isn't going to be functional, which may impact the results. When using vaping to quit, a vaper can trick themselves into thinking they are actually smoking still, well at the same time decrease the amount of nicotine they are inhaling into their bodies. Never underestimate the power that placebo plays on the mind.

Vaping vs Nicotine Gum

4. One of the major cons of nicotine gum is the cost, it can run a smoker roughly $145 monthly depending on how strong a person's smoking habit is. A vape cartridge cost significantly less, they can start out as cheap as $30 and will last a smoker much longer. Nicotine gum has a much higher success rate than the patch, of about 35%, but it still isn't nearly as close to this success rate of vaping, which is about 60%. Cigarettes can cost a smoker over $50 a week depending on their brand of choice. They do not want to be spending that much trying to quit as well, vaping is a much cheaper alternative when it comes to quitting.

5. There are certain health risks a person may come across when it comes to nicotine gum. Often times, people do not believe there can be health risks when it comes to just chewing a piece of gum, but unfortunately, there are effects. People who chose nicotine gum to quit their smoking habit are often constantly chewing on this gum which can lead to gum disease, hair loss, and unusually vivid dreams. The side effects can worseness the more heavily, and longer the nicotine gum user uses the gum. The only side effect when it comes to vaping is sometimes user report a scratchy throat, but as long as a vaper is staying hydrated this effect should be eliminated almost instantly, or not happen to begin with. Besides if a person is a heavy smoker to begin with the little scratch a vape may cause is nothing compared to the damage cigarettes cause to a smoker's throat.

Vaping is a relatively new way to help reduce, or quit smoking cigarettes altogether. For the studies that have been done so far, vaping has proven time and time again that is highly more successful than other products such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches. Plus, vaping is more fun and convenient than other options because it gives a smoker choices. When someone is given choices it helps them pick the best option to aid them in their ultimate goal, which is to quit smoking cigarettes!

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