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Getting a Glimpse of Inside the World of Competitive Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

One might think that vaping could just be a fad and is all too new and has never been tested before, and therefore's not here to stay. Well, nothing could be far from the truth.

Presently, a lot of people regard intense vaping as a sport, going by the phrase 'cloud chasing'. Competitors, unless in conventional sporting, do not play using bats and/or balls, but rather vaporizers or MODS. The players are known as cloud chasers while their devoted fans are referred to as cloud gazers. In this competitive endeavor, the main objective is blowing the longest and biggest plume of smoke.

Such sporting actions as these have been lately heating up all over the world, spreading from Canada to Indonesia and from Raleigh, N.C, to such places as Los Angeles. Vaping showdown though perceived as a small contest, is not only replicated at a single place, but several other places as well.

The competitions are normally straightforward with cloud chasers inhaling on devices which change the MOD's e-juice into vapor. The cloud chasers then toast the contest by blowing the longest, densest and biggest vapor cloud achievable. The cloud chasers use a vaporizer that consists of battery, tube, cartridge, atomizer, cartomizer, flavoring, nicotine and propylene glycol. In just less than 2 years, the contest has taken on every trapping of professional sports. Vaping now has not only teams, sponsors, fans but also cash prizes. And the industry is growing and might just be taken to the next level very soon.

Contestants normally spread out on couches and usually turn up their tools just like drag racers tuning their hot rods before the beginning of a major race. Cloud chasers then twist resistant wire into coils that ferry electricity from their vaporizing battery, and effectively weave dried up cotton via the coils. Normally, the cotton serves as wick and soaks up the juice from the device so that the coils can heat it up as electric current loops through them.The contest requires technique-which is very critical and winning clouds are usually more cumulonimbus than cirrus.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of competitive vaping!

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