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Vaping Personalities

Posted by David Nadel on

The vaping community is on a fast-track growth. Many across the globe desperate to quit smoking have taken up to vaping and are happy with their decision. When we see a group of vapers sitting together and enjoying their session we find rather an interesting mixture of different personalities. One can observe and listen to them and segregate them into different categories.

The Beginners

They get noticed easily as they have just got into vaping and a certain level of uncertainty shows in their eyes and behavior. The very charm of vaping and the inner compulsion of wanting to quit the regular smoking seems to have dragged them into vaping. They look more like a child reluctantly stepping into a swimming pool for the first time without much knowledge about swimming.

The Experienced

These vapers been into vaping for some time now and want to increase their circle. You can find them always encouraging the beginners and guiding them and advising them about the technology and the benefits of vaping. They’re the sort of fatherly figures in the vaping group. They’re always there to assist and share with others.

The Experts

These vapers seem to know all about vaping, the trends, the technology and everything about vaping. They’re the gurus of the game. They always talk about the latest in the field of vaping across the globe and what’s available and where in the local market. They’re also the trendsetters. They own and use the latest, most fashionable vaping devices to show to the world that they’re a step ahead. The kind who always want to impress the others with their trending prized possessions. They’ll never be loyal to a particular brand but always acquire the next in the market.

You’ve all these kinds and more all enjoying their vaping session. However, different personalities are what binds them together in the vaping community.

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