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Posted by David Nadel on

Impressing your friends with vaping tricks can be fun. Regardless if you're new to vaping or are a seasoned vet looking to show off a little, this article's for you. These ones we're gonna discus will be the 'French Inhale', then next the 'Vapor Rings', and finally a 'Bull Ring'. Luckily for you, these tricks are easy to master, even if you'ave never done any of them before. 

First lets start with the French Inhale. This one is a simple vaping trick that requires you to inhale the vapors thru your nose. Sounds simple right. First you wanna fill your mouth up with lots of vapor or you won't be able to see it. Without inhaling, just take it in and fill your mouth. Then while releasing the vapors from your mouth, slowly suck it into your nose. Walla. You could try variations of these. One method is to let your friends inhale it through their nose after you exhale. If they're into that.

Now we're going to talk about Vapor Rings, seem like such a cliché when you say vaping tricks, but you really need to master this before moving on to the next one. By filling your mouth full of vapor and using the back of your tong, push air out of your mouth in quick little burst. This should create a vapor ring. It might take a little practice. 

Finally, a Bull Ring should come easy after mastering the Vapor Ring. All you've to do now's blow out a vapor ring, and like the French Inhale, you slowly suck it into your nose. Slowly suck just enough that the ring looks like a ring hanging in your nose. It's kinda cool looking. The idea with this is to not suck the entire ring into your nose. It's suppose to look like a Bull Ring. 

So whether you're seasoned in the vaping world or just getting started, these three easy to do beginner vaping tricks are something anyone can master. Just a little practice and you'll be showing off for your friends too or at least have a great conversational piece.

Go ahead, show off a little, by mastering these Top 3 Vaping Tricks today!

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