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Vaping Newlyweds

Posted by David Nadel on

When our daughter was born a 2 years ago, my wife and I began working on different ideas to help her quit her almost pack-a-day smoking habit. Since it was very much a big step for her, we sat down together and weighed out all of the pros and cons we could think of.

To start out, vaping can look pretty much like a big venture to get into. It certainly seemed like it was going to be a lot more expensive than what we could handle. First, there was the buying of the device, then buying the e-liquid bottles, etc.

So, we set out to do our research. We talked to people currently vaping, we scoured the internet, and we went by the local vaping shop to get ideas. We soon realized that, more than just it being what was thought of as a better alternative physically (and aromatically!); it was looking like it could make our wallet look better too.

While the initial cost of the device really was a small hit in the wallet, we realized it was only a one-time hit. We also came to realize that the cost of the e-liquid was half the cost of a carton of cigarettes; and while the carton lasted a week, the liquid would last two. So half the price for twice as long!

She has been using the vape pen to help cut down on her regular cigarette smoking, and so far, I can certainly say that our wallet has very much noticed the difference, since now a carton of cigarettes can last over 2 weeks. It also doesn't hurt anybody's feelings in the house to be doing this without that stale smoke smell that seems to cling to everything.

Overall, no nasty lingering odors, better financial state, and better physically as well.

Who wouldn't love it?!

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