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The Vaping Arts

Posted by David Nadel on

Vaping has inspired art in many different forms. From skins for the various vape devices, to the many different designs and changes vapers make to their devices, the various mixes of e-juices and e-flavors to the new sporting event known as cloud chasing, the vaping culture is ever changing and evolving, as most cultures do. Although many who joined the vaping culture initially did so to overcome the harmful effects of tobacco, the culture has evolved and become a social club were participants share their knowledge and camaraderie in vaping bars and lounges and at vaping events. Even building your own vape coils is an art form that evolved from the vaping experience.

If you use an e-cig or vaping pen, there are many skins that you can order designed to fit your device. From designs and patterns, skull and cross bones to snake skin, to changing the color of your vape tool, you can find many different types of skins, covers and wraps to personalize your gear. Just as the e-cig introduced the world to vaping, the traditional tobacco and nicotine flavored e-juices have gave way to many other flavors and taste for the vaping community. There are also many different types of e-juice from the taste of fresh fruit to gourmet desserts to liquors and mixed drinks. Some in the vaping community buy a variety of different flavors of e-juices and create a flavor that contains the right combination for them. For instance, you can combine strawberry and chocolate e-juices for a chocolate covered strawberry flavor or maybe just a hint of mint to your menthol flavored e-juce.

Some artist in the vaping community refined and remodeled their vaping devices which led to such creations as the box mod whereas some artist are building their own coils for better flavor and greater volumes of smoke. Companies are also embracing mod variation and the company Mod Empire created a Gang Mod that looks like brass knuckles and ask the vaping community to unite. They express the desire to be the catalyst to the Rise Of Vape that will last for generations. Those that build their own coils will probably become participants in the sport of Cloud Chasing and become a professional vaper. Professional vapers compete against each other to blow the biggest clouds of smoke in cloud competitions. One such event held in New York City, called the X-Games of vaping, the winner had to create the biggest and densest cloud. This year the International Cloud Championship was held in California. The first Texas vape conventions was held in March, 2014 called Vape Blast and professional vapers competed. In fact, there are online tutorials that offer the basics and professional tips on cloud creation and chasing. The artwork created by clouding includes photographs of some of the largest clouds created by individuals who share them online.

Share your vaping art and happy vaping!

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