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The World of Herbal Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

Herbal vaping is a new form of vaping that's sweeping the nation. Vaporizers turn plant material like marijuana and tobacco, and even wax or oils into a smooth, easy pulling vapor. These plants can also be mixed with pure blends to add a little flavor to your vape.

Beside them being just plain cool, people use vaporizers for several reason, the main one being that they'd prefer a more organic inhalant. People use vaporizers for the natural ingredients associated with their particular choice of herb because vapes eliminate the respiratory irritation that traditional smoking can cause. They enjoy being able to experience the psychoactive effects of their herbs without the harmful elements the plant may contain.

Vaping has become so popular, it's brought forth a flood of new devices to meet the needs of every individual. The most common are the portable vaporizer pens such as the HerbTech herbal vape pen. The HerbTech comes with a rechargeable battery, herbal tank, spring loaded titanium heating coil and USB charger for vaping on-the-go. The Puffit is also portable, but much easier to camouflage. It's a travel sized vape that looks like an inhaler so as not to draw too much attention in public. The Puffit has a built in thermal heating chamber and swappable batteries for the user's convenience. Both portable vaporizers include organic leaf blend flavors such as banana, cherry and even mango!

However, if you don't plan on vaping for the world to see, there are forced-air vaporizers like the Vapir Rise Vaporizer. This device siphons the vapor right out the top for hands free inhalation with no additional accessories for different herbs and waxes. This forced-air vaporizer is stationary, but still quick and easy.

All over the world people are trading in their old cigar wraps for the portability vaporizers bring. Though they may seem advanced and expensive, they aren't! Vaporizers use a lot less herbs while providing greater, longer lasting effects and provide the same efficiency without the added harmful chemicals found in herbs, cigarellos, and smoke. No wonder so many people are converting!

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