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Fuggin Fall E-Juice Countdown

Posted by David Nadel on

Seasons represent change, which provides the perfect opportunity to switch out your old e-juice for some new and bold flavors to compliment the upcoming fall season. With the coming of Fall also comes all of it's timeless traditions, unique scenery, and endless food.

Here are the top 5 flavors to transform your vaping experience into a Fall classic.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #5: Apple Cinnamon
Our countdown begins with a flavor almost as old as the Fall season itself, with a bit of a twist. This flavor is ideal for enjoying the flavors of fall without getting to bold. It perfectly captures the sweet taste of an apple's first bite, along with a distinct cinnamon aftertaste. Apple Cinnamon is a flavor you can enjoy all season long.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #4: Cappuccino
Waking up in the morning and enjoying a warm cappuccino on a brisk morning while the leaves fall is a scene straight out of any Fall classic. The cappuccino e-juice flavor gives you the ability to experience that sensation any time you please. It provides a sweet flavor without losing the warm coffee flavor we all enjoy. This flavor is part of a complete cappuccino series from Mongoose vapors. 

Fall E-Juice Flavor #3: Caramel Graham Cookie
Now its time for a Fall flavor that's a bit bolder. This flavor is in no way simple, but that's what makes it so great. Its a combination of delicious Fall flavors that come together to create a seasonal punch that can be felt during every puff. If you enjoy heavy flavors then Caramel Graham Cookie is a must try!

Fall E-Juice Flavor #2: Cinn-A-Bun
A must have Fall flavor that will have you looking forward to vaping as much as you look forward to dessert. The smell of fresh cinn-a-buns out of the oven is something even the strongest of us can't resist. This flavor perfectly captures the rich flavor of a cinn-a-bun and will have you feeling right at home during the upcoming Fall season.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #1: Breakfast in Hell
The name has you wondering why you would ever try it, the flavor has you wondering why you would ever try anything else. Breakfast in Hell is modeled after the popular cinnamon whiskey Fireball. It combines a traditional whiskey flavor with a prevalent cinnamon flavor as well. The two elements form together to create an unique experience that can't quite be matched. Both flavors work together to provide the ideal Fall flavor for people who enjoy a bit of a kick.

These five flavors will take your vaping experience to the next level during the Fall season. So next time you're out raking leaves remember to try out one of these flavors and enjoy all the great things the season has to offer.

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