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Lights. Camera. Vaping!

Posted by Abraham Hazbun on

Hollywood. One word brings forth visions of health, beauty, wealth and excess. While actors and actresses battle to remain young and vibrant, they battle vices the same way everyone else does including smoking. With smoking comes laws and restrictions that even include celebrities.

Vaping brings with it the ability to smoke almost anywhere you want, when you want and without the negative effects of traditional cigarettes. There are also many e-juice flavors and strengths to choose from which aren't offered with a cigarette. Traditional smoking can cause many health issues but can damage ones skin and change the face of a Hollywood beauty.

Celebrities who've made the jump include several that you may not have realized that even smoked. Katherine Heigl switched to vaping to help her quit smoking. She showed David Letterman a few tricks on his show back in 2010. Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen and Sienna Miller are among other celebs who made the switch. Speaking of Charlie Sheen, besides the fact that today is his birthday, he loved vaping so much that he went in as a partner with the NicoSheen Company while Sienna Miller has been seen vaping on set during filming.

One of the reasons Vaping has become so popular in the past 5 years is that it coincides with the health and beauty stigma of young Hollywood. To actors and actresses, this allows them their vice while not damaging their lungs and skin as the traditional cigarette would. Another popularity point is that you can smoke once again almost anywhere. All around the US, towns have made smoking illegal in public areas such as restaurants, sidewalks and buildings. Vaping allows the user the ability to have a draw when they please while still abiding by the law.

With Hollywood making the switch, vaping has appeared in movies and television as well. On ABC TV series, Detroit 1-8-7, there's character who vapes. In one of the most well-known vaping scenes, Johnny Depp was shown vaping on a train ride in “The Tourist”. It can also be seen in the lesser known “Love is the Perfect Crime”, 2013.

Having these celebs behind vaping, we'll begin seeing it conquer the main stream smokers in due time.

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