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4 Quick Ways You Can Avoid Having Bitter E-Juice

Posted by David Nadel on

It doesn’t matter whether you're a newbie or experienced vaper, you'll always wish you could get a great taste. Sometimes finding an e-liquid that you can enjoy can be hard. No matter what level vaper you are, you're bound to experience flavor surprises. I mean, don’t you hate it when your e-juice starts to taste a little bit bitter when you're expecting an awesome flavor? Sometimes when you thought you had found the perfect taste only for something strange to happen; the intensity of the sweet flavor started to change.

The following are 4 elaborate ways you use to avoid vaping bitter e-juice:

Avoid v
This is one of the awful experiences a vaper can encounter. To avoid this, always make sure that you saturate your wick and prime your coil before vaping. It's important to drip some juice on your wick before taking any buff. You can drip some juice on the coil before reassembling the tank. Also, rest your device for some minutes -about 10 minutes - before vaping to allow your coil to become saturated with juice.

Ensure That Your Vaping Equipment is Clean
When switching between two different flavors, it's best to clean your tank thoroughly. You can rinse with some hot water. If you're using an RDA, then you can also change the cotton if possible. Doing this will ensure that you equipment function properly, thus, experienced untainted vape. In addition to this, ensure your coil is clean, some e-juices can destroy and gunk up your coils faster. So you need to change your coils frequently, preferably once a week or after two weeks depending on your usage.

Fixing Vaper’s Tongue
This is a significant problem that affects so many vapers worldwide. It's however not a problem associated with your tongue. A variety of factors causes this: vaping same juice for a prolonged time, dehydration, cold allergies or you might have just quit smoking. You can overcome this through combinations activities. You can just drink a lot of waters or rinse your mouth with Listerine or any mouthwash. Taking coffee is also a solution; coffee interacts with the chemical in your olfactory sensors. Some have successfully tried vaping stronger variety such as menthol and mint.

Always Steep
Most of the e-juice takes 2 to 4 weeks to steep. So steeping will, therefore, allow it to blend fully, deepening and enriching its flavor. Some companies allow e-juice to steep in the warehouse, but others send it when it's freshly mixed. So, sometimes the problem is your e-juice needs to be steeped before vaping.

The next time you experience a bitter taste with your e-juices, you can test any of the above strategies for a while before vaping. If you've tried all of the above remedies, but you haven’t solved the bitter taste, then you can also think of ways of adding some extra flavor shots or adjusting your blending. The trick is to ensure that you at least, make some changes.

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