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4 Key Ways To Improve Your MOD's Battery Life

Posted by David Nadel on

Most individuals like myself, advanced vapers, know the pain of buying numerous batteries throughout the year for our MODs. Over time this can become costly. A MOD is a Modified device for vaping. Most MODs require one to three '18650' batteries (18 millimeters in width and 65 millimeters in length). If you follow the advice in this article, the improvement of your MODs battery life is promising. We will go over battery quality, condition, maintenance, and MOD usage.

The first and foremost key to improving your MOD's battery life is to make sure you're purchasing a good quality brand battery. It's really easy to buy a battery of low quality especially if you are trying to save money. However, in the years of my experience, batteries are one of the most important parts of your vape MODs. My suggestion is to spend that extra penny on your battery. Do some research on the best quality brand battery for your specific vape MOD. Believe it or not, some batteries might not be powerful enough or are too powerful for your device and can over time cause malfunctions with your device. In the long run, You will eventually be replacing your MODs battery, How soon you are going to be doing that depends greatly on the brand of battery you are using.

Another key factor that follows closely to battery quality is the condition and treatment of your battery. You see that colorful skin covering your MOD's battery? NEVER remove it. The skin must stay on the battery. Do not peel it back. When the skin begins to unwrap or is peeled back your battery is at risk of an electrical short. This can destroy your entire device and possibly your hands and face. If your battery has started to unwrapped the skin has holes or is peeling back you have the option to have the battery re-wrapped. Moving along with the treatment of your battery and by the treatment, I mean charging and handling your MOD. When your MOD is charging it is important to stick around to remove it from the charger when it's complete. Overcharging your MOD device and batteries will result in the batteries shorting out. Once there's a short, your battery will no longer be able to hold its full charge it had when you first bought it. Also, try not to overdraw when your battery is low. Stressing out the battery like this can also result in damaging the battery.

The third key is knowing how you are using your MOD will affect your batteries life. Just like any other battery in an electrical device the light and screens run down the battery. Try adjusting your brightness to a lower setting. Some MODs have a stealth option for their screen where your MOD will still be on but the screen is off. This helps greatly. Also, shortening the screen timeout will help. Another way to improve your MODs battery life is by lowering your wattage and OHMage. The higher your wattage and the OHM the more power you're drawing from your battery.

Saving the most obvious for last, we will talk about maintenance. How often do you clean your vape MOD? Specifically, how often do you carefully take it apart to diligently clean every nook and cranny of your MOD? This is one of the most important keys to keeping your battery in the great condition you bought it in. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on the best battery you could possibly find if you're not cleaning up all that build up of juice and grime from your hands your battery will not last very long. Our hands are the dirtiest part of our bodies. The sweat and dirt buildup could damage your battery and your MOD. To prevent this every time you change your coil give you devise a GOOD cleaning using a Q-tip. Don't let the grime build up!

Now that we have gone over battery quality, conditions, MOD usage, and maintenance, you now have 4 key ways to improve the life of your MOD's battery.

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  • What 18650 batteries do you recommend?

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