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4 Fuggin Fall Vaping Tips

Posted by David Nadel on


If you're looking to get some great fall vaping tips, you're in the right place. Whereas in the spring and summer you can vape without much issue, there a few things you should keep in mind come the cooler seasons:

When it gets cold outside during the fall weather, you need to be aware of your drip tip. If you've got one that is metal, your lips could stick to it, making for a painful event when you go to take your lips off of it. Nobody likes torn skin, so if you're going to use metal, rub a modest amount of lip balm on your mouth first to prevent a silly and painful injury. In addition, you can also use a stabilized wood tip, POM, or delrin.

Fall weather is perfect for huddling up inside and getting comfortable so you can vape without feeling too chilly. But if you're doing it indoors, there's something you want to remember to do. Watch out for vaping inside your car or small indoor space during the fall. The deal is that the warm vapor will make contact with your glass, leaving a sticky, smudgy film behind. This could be a driving hazard in your car, or just downright annoying in your home. So crack a window when you break out a vape indoors, whether it's at home or on the road.

Your flavors are what give your vaping experience personality. But if your juice is all locked up, it's hard to do much of anything with it at all. If you're wondering whether vape juice freezes, yes it does. It thickens up and becomes like gel when it is in freezing or near-freezing weather, which is common in many areas during the fall. It could even begin to leak when it heats back up again and gets thinner. Avoid leaving your vape out in the car for prolonged periods.

It's true, the colder weather can harm your vaping device. This is especially true with battery life. The battery is already negatively affected by decreasing temperatures, shortening its life. However, another danger that is not often seen before it is too late is the snow and rain and fog of autumn. Never set your vape down in the snow or somewhere with extreme moisture. If it gets into the battery compartment, it could spell bad news for your device. Also, keep in mind that you're more likely to use big bulky gloves and slick rain coats in the fall, both of these things make holding on to your vape more difficult, increasing the risk of dropping it. All in all, just take extra care and attention when handling it to avoid being out of the action due to a dead battery.

When it comes to vaping, there a million ways out there to customize your experience. You can change up your device, switch out your flavors, modify the compartments, and more. However, there is a lack of practical advice on how to actual ensure you can continue to enjoy yourself through the fall season. Luckily, you just need to follow the 4 tips above and you'll be golden all season long.

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