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4 Fuggin Battery Tips For Outdoor Summer Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

During the summer, the most common issue vapers run into are overheated batteries. All vaping devices contain some form of a lithium-ion battery. When these batteries first start to overheat, the ions start to combine and form the lithium metal itself, damaging the cell and lowering the maximum amount of charge the battery can hold at any give time. When grossly overheated, the lithium-ion batteries will rupture and explode. The explosion itself is dangerous to be around, and the battery will be left useless after the fact. Keep your batteries as cool as possible as they will begin to overheat at 100ºF.

Fuggin Battery Tip #1: DO NOT Leave Your Batteries Unattended Your Vehicle 
The interior of a car heats up quickly, even on relatively cool days. In just under an hour, the temperature inside a car can rocket up to 132ºF – well past the 100ºF threshold. If left alone in the car, you’ll be lucky if the battery isn’t damaged when you return. At 120ºF, the battery is liable to go thermal, and if you’re unlucky, you could find yourself with a front row seat to the explosion. All in all, leaving a battery in the car is not a good idea, but if it’s necessary to do so, take precautions to keep your battery from overheating. Sealing the battery inside a plastic bag and leaving it in a cooler is the best thing to do, but if that’s not possible the least you should do is place it low in the car and out of direct sunlight.

Fuggin Battery Tip #2: Try Using a Lower Voltage When Possible
For cartridge e-cigs, disposables, and some vape pens, keeping an eye on your voltage isn’t an issue, but for those with MODs and other devices with multiple voltage settings, it’s usually best to lower the voltage during the summer months. This helps to prevent overheating, and since the warmer weather tends to thin out e-liquid anyway, it usually doesn’t take as much voltage to produce the same vapor cloud.

Fuggin Battery Tip #3: Keep Batteries Separated While Traveling
This is something that should be observed throughout the year, but more vapers learn this lesson the hard way during the summer when they’re traveling than at any other time of year. If the metal parts of the batteries touch each other or any other metal surface, they can short out and occasionally start a fire. Unintentional fires aren’t fun in any setting, but it’s even more unpleasant when one starts mid-flight and your vaping equipment is what ultimately causes the plane to make an emergency landing due to smoke.

Fuggin Battery Tip #4: Keep Batteries Out of Direct Sunlight
Even when you’re outside with a nice breeze, leaving your battery in direct sunlight is a bad idea. Direct sunlight heats most things up past the current air temperature and e-cig, portable vaporizer, vape pen, and MOD batteries are no exception. Aside from causing your e-juice to discolor and deteriorate, direct sunlight is also likely to overheat your battery and lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Vaping outside while on vacation is always appealing, but it’s best to stay in the shade where it’s easier to keep your battery from getting too hot.

In the summer months, it’s critical to remember and follow these safety tips to get the most out of your summer vaping experience. E-cigs, portable vaporizers, vape pens, and MODs all have multiple parts that can malfunction if they aren’t properly cared for, but the battery in any of these devices is usually the most vulnerable part in the summer months. During the summer months, the sun isn't a friend to your vaping equipment.

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