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Trending E-Juice Flavors in the Vaping Industry

Posted by Martin Berenfus on


With so many different flavors going around it's hard to catch up and really try everything even just once. At times, fruity flavors will peak as well as custard based fruit flavors have been since almost the beginning of our industry taking off. 

An industry that started with only a handful of premium ejuice companies and house juices surfing the market, has become a cut throat industry with flavor complexities that most of us could have never imagined possible. 

Lately of all the flavor creations that have come around, there has been a strong resurgence in vivid and flavorful cereal vapes as well as flavors reminiscent of some of our favorite savory and sweet snacks. 

Cereal vapes range from every popular cereal you can think of adhering to a popular blend of milk and cereal base sometimes mixing other known breakfast dishes alongside them. 

Even though most people can fall in love with cereal vapes and breakfast blends in general, some the highest trending flavor blends are coming from the Vaping community requesting more complex juices that remind them of their favorite snacks they eat on a regular basis. Flavors the likes of common snacks such as: gushers, chips ahoy, fruit rollups, starburst, and many more are taking the Vaping industry by storm. Some companies are cashing in big with flavors depicting the same experience of eating your favorite foods through every puff. 

With all these flavors going around and more and more juices really hitting the mark on replicating the exact taste were looking for, what are some juices based on everyday snacks and foods that you would love to taste? 

Leave your comments below and you never know, one of your suggestions might become the next big ejuice we all can't get enough clouds of.


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  • MMMM….Cereal vapes

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